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On Life As A Picky Foodie

On Life As A Picky Foodie: New Year Wishes for 2011

Posted by: Gabriela Garay

Dear Friends;

I was recently reminded in a very real way of how important health is.  If we don’t have our health, nothing else matters.

At 2:30 on Christmas morning, my baby girl woke up screaming.  When I reached over to pick her up, her skin was burning hot and she seemed uncomfortable being touched. 

For the next eighteen hours, DW and I sponged her down, we sang to her, we read every book over and over in an attempt to get her temperature down and make her comfortable.  She was terrified, and when her fever shot up to 40.5 Centigrade (105 Fahrenheit), so were we.  We didn’t eat, we barely spoke.

It was Christmas, but the gifts we had bought for everyone, the food I had cooked for our family meal – suddenly none of it mattered.  The only thing we could think about was getting her well again.

Today, almost a week later, she is back to her self.  She is squawking, chirping, singing, happily eating her apples, oranges and broccoli.  And although neither DW nor I are particularly superstitious, we are knocking on so much wood, I’m starting to see grooves in the furniture.

Over the past seven months, I have questioned everything: Am I overdressing her?  Am I under dressing her?  Am I feeding her too much?  Too little?  Am I starting solids too early?  Too late?  Is she happy?  Am I a good mother?  Is she learning all my bad habits? 

But that day, watching my baby girl in pain, I didn’t doubt or think or analyze.  I simply did.  And feeling her settle in my arms offered a little bit of comfort. 

So here it is, dear friends, the dawn of 2011.  May it be happy, fun-filled, fulfilling, a good laugh, inspired, inspiring, beautiful, surprising.  Most of all, may it be a healthy year for you and your loved ones.

Be well and enjoy


P.S.  Have I mentioned green smoothies before?  Here is the one that has kept me going this week:

1 bunch kale or cavalo nero
2 beetroots

Blend the juice with:
2 bananas
1 Tablespoon almond butter
1 T Dr. Schulze's Superfood (optional)
raw honey (optional, to taste – add 1 t at a time as the bananas make this very sweet)

The smoothie tastes very “green” so only adventurous souls should venture here, but it’ll give you energy for hours and hours. 


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